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Tech Tuesday – Race Face Next SL Crank


Today we are going to look at the Race Face Next SL Crank:

Available in shop and online.

“At an actual weight of just 378 grams for the 175mm length arms that I tested, the Race Face Next SL crank arms are insanely light.”

“Many folks, myself included, when they heard about how light the Next SL cranks were, questioned whether they could handle the rigors of modern enduro racing. Rest assured that Race Face engineered the spindle to twist up and kink long before the crank arms are pushed to their failure point. At any rate, the cranks shook off the months of abuse dished out by the rocky geology of San Luis Obispo trails, including my propensity to pedal through rock gardens and seek out jumps. I should also mention that the narrow wide chainring never derailed on even the rockiest descents.”

Daniel Slusser –

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