GUP Quick-Fix Sealant Holster and Strap

ZAR 49.00 inc. VAT

Once you’ve tried the Eco-Friendly, latex-based GÜP Quick-Fix tube/tyre sealant you’ll instantly see the benefit in owning your own GÜP Holster & Strap for keeping this revolutionary product close at hand for unexpected flats.

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• Holster and Strap for GUP Quick-Fix Sealant/Inflator
• Fits most frames, seat posts & saddle rails
• Securely stores GUP “Kwiki’s” for emergency use
• Lightweight silicon block won’t damage your frame
• Silicon block moulded to seat post shape for snug fit
• Hook & Loop strap closure (long length)
• Anti-slip rubber dots hold can more securely
• Ensures your quick access to GUP sealant when it’s most urgently needed

• Strap Length: 360mm
• Strap Width: 24mm
• Strap Colour: Black with Blue Logo
• Weight: 19 grams (0.65 ounces)