So where did Epic Sports start?…

Epic Sports started in 2005 when an investor and Paul Cordes bought a small sports shop called Sports on Wheels in The Mall at Reds. This traded in a variety of sporting goods from cycling to skate shoes and equipment, casual clothing and a few other niche products. Cycling and in particular mountain biking being its forte, they soon started specializing in what they were good at and things started to happen. Paul became sole owner of the shop and a couple years later, Epic Sports moved to a bigger shop in the Dooringkloof Mall.

At the Dooringkloof mall they had a couple other fun projects to keep them busy like the building of their own mtb/bmx track. Some of the original bridges have been used to create the new bulk head in the current shop. They also focused on the race team and had some great success particularly in multi-stage racing which helped build the racing heritage around the shop they have today. A lot of the memorabilia from these races, as well as overseas events, can also be seen in the new stores upstairs area.

A couple years later, with some persuasion, Paul was able to drag Andre Cordes into the mix where he took control and brought a lot of focus to the workshop and the shop soon began to take shape and grow in popularity. In the meantime, Paul got involved with another project as well as a couple years stint with a professional cycling team. Epic Sports became back up for the team where a great deal of experience was gained.

As the shop grew, Epic Sports needed more space in order to continue focussing on their reliable service and with some good fortune, the current venue became available. Through the last couple years of travel and experience, Andre and Paul had an idea in mind and the new venue lent itself perfectly to create a different type of cycle shop experience. They gathered up their troops and built the new shop themselves which they are now very proud of.

Epic Sports has had a few staff members come and go, but the best have stayed and some well respected and experienced mechanics have joined the team.  Their knowledge and expertise shines through in the quality of service and the professional look of their workshops.

“We hope you have a fantastic cycling experience with us and we hope to see you in store, otherwise out on the trails. Happy cycling!”

– Epic Sports

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